Our Vision
We are very excited to bring to life our First Annual Bloom Festival!  Bloom encompasses the celebration of coming spring and local artists with a festive event that provides a beautiful, family friendly setting to renew our spirits, homes, gardens, and more. 

Our vision for Bloom celebrates two main things:  LOCAL ARTS & NATURE.  An assortment of local artists and vendors will be present which include a wide-range of mediums.  We will have a learning area for children and adults alike to learn about the importance of honeybees, hands-on art projects for children, live music, food trucks, and so much more!

The Town of Leo-Cedarville graciously supports our vision for Bloom and we couldn’t be more thrilled to have the opportunity to hold our First Annual Bloom Festival at the beautiful Riverside Gardens in Leo-Cedarville, Indiana! 
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About Us
Casey and Kelly both grew up in Auburn and went to middle and high school together.  Through their time in school, they found they both had a passion for the arts, often working along side each other in art classes.  Years after graduating, their paths crossed again as they both had young children and would get together for play dates and have remained friends since. 

The two are both making a living in the arts.  Casey is a freelance graphic designer and owns her own business, Aspire Design.  She has worked in graphic design and marketing for around 18 years.  Casey also has passion in photography, gardening, cooking, and being a mom.  

Kelly also owns her own business, Kelly Pottery Design.  You may have seen her and her pottery over the last few years as she has been a vendor at several art festivals and shows in our area.  Kelly is also an art teacher at DeKalb High School.

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Casey & Kelly
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